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Automatic and Manual Transmission Services in Hazel Park, Michigan

At Savaya Auto Service Inc. we have a transmission shop at our premises in Hazel Park, Michigan, where we will carry out any repairs or fit replacement parts if your vehicle transmission – manual or automatic – is causing you problems.

When a customer comes in to our auto repair shop with a transmission problem, our qualified technicians will diagnose the fault using high-tech computer scanning. If a replacement transmission system is required then we can fit that. We can also carry out minor repairs but we are unable to do any transmission rebuilds.

Our team will check the fluid and gaskets, and inspect and change the solenoid and sensors. The computer will tell us the correct parts to order. A customer should expect the turnaround time for a replacement transmission to be between three and four days, although the work could take up to a week if parts have to be delivered.

In some cases, newer vehicles will need a transmission replacement because the owner has failed to change the fluids and filter. Running a vehicle without doing that can ruin the transmission so a replacement will be required.

Every vehicle dealer recommends a different time to have the service carried out. The transmission mechanics here at Savaya Auto Service Inc. urge customers to have the checks done every 50,000 miles. We offer a transmission service covering fluid and filter changes.

Since our business was established in 2003 we have dealt with hundreds of customers at our transmission shop and have built up a reputation as being honest and reliable – we offer same day appointments and no job is to big or too small for us.

If you are in the Hazel Park area make sure you get your transmission checked regularly – and come to us if you have a problem. Phone Savaya Auto Service Inc. today on (248) 579-5424 and let the professionals get the job done.


Transmission Services

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